Hi I'm Frances Moore!

I have been a Science Co-Ordinator and Deputy Principal (Curriculum) for 15 years with the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). I managed a successful web designing business specializing in Educational Websites before becoming Managing Director of WebQuest Direct


I worked within the ACT Department of Education in their Centre for Teaching and Learning supervising their Online Environments especially “ACTivatED” – the ACT Teacher Resource website (which our team also created). 

I have also worked for the ACT Department of Education and the Australian Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training (now DEEWR) as a Consultant, undertaking a 10 month consultancy investigating “Best Practice and Leadership in ICT (Information Communications Technology) in Australian Schools”. While I was conducting this consultancy, I discovered WebQuests and loved them!


I just wished I known about WebQuests when I was teaching in the classroom but I now have great fun showing teachers how to create and use them in the classroom.


I investigated further and found that there wasn't a Directory or Vertical Search Engine (one that burrows down on a particular theme) of WebQuests - just collections from Universities, and, Bernie Dodge and Tom March (the co-creators of the idea of WebQuests - thanks gentlemen!). At that stage, none of them were searchable.


As there is quite a range of WebQuests - from excellent to dismal [and some are not even WebQuests] - the idea of reviewing them and letting teachers know the rating  [our Team of Reviewers, review them, give them a rating based on their Higher Order Thinking Skills encouraged and the concept of a WebQuest] seemed like a great idea.

So I decided to create a website where teachers could come and explore what other teachers had created as far as WebQuests go!


We launched WebQuest Direct in 2001 and now have over 18,000 WebQuests on the database.

Our IP is our thorough review that we give to each WebQuest. I'm a bit like Margaret Pomeranz (of ABC's At the Movies Fame) - but I review WebQuests instead of movies! I dream WebQuests!!! And, usually only talk about WebQuests!!!

I have reviewed over 10,000 WebQuests and present at Conferences and Seminars on What are WebQuests, how to implement WebQuests in the classroom, and, how they are practical tools to implement Curriculum needs particularly the introduction of ICTs and Higher Order Thinking Skills. 


We are finding WebQuests on all levels including those for Business which we are now developing as well! News about "WebQuest BizNous" will come along soon!!!

WebQuest Direct have set up a FREE Short-cut WebQuest Authoring Tool (SWAT) - so teachers can create their own WebQuest or adapt any WebQuest to suit their own classroom needs.

WebQuest Direct has thousands of URLs to WebQuests that have been taken down off the Internet but remain in the Internet Archive that teachers can adapt.

Let's Stop Reinventing the Wheel - as teachers you have enough work to do anyway! Let's pull together and have wonderful, motivating units of work that fit into our curriculum!

My other interests:

1. My Children and Family
I have a large family and I like nothing better than meeting up with them for a picnic; dinner, or just an afternoon swim.

2. Cooking
My husband recently gave me a tagine for our anniversary. I have been making great Mediterranean dishes with lots of dates, lemon, chicken; beef, prunes and those aromatic spices - tumeric and cumin, in particular.

3. Gardening
I love gardening but don't do enough of it!!! Our little vegie patch is going so well - the spinach and tomatoes are the best at the moment!!!

Hope you enjoy my Blog!



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